Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – City park in Tivat, Tivat

A large city park in Tivat founded the 1892nd In the Austro-Hungarian Admiral von Šternek and sailors over the years brought trees from all over the world and that they planted, creating a rich botanical garden, which is still the largest in Montenegro. Park is special to the two trees of the Australian araukarije ( Aracuaria bidwillii ) in which it is stated that the two trees from Tivat only in Europe. This unique vegetable whole area of ​​4 hectares, was built on the estates of the old Kotor Verona family and work. The park was in nursery and pond and pergola, places to stay. Park has become important not only as natural but also cultural and historical monument since 1963. Secure. Late eighties and throughout the park devedesetrih little attention was paid. After years of neglect, at the initiative of the European home Tivat, and action ‘ large urban park in Tivat forgotten beauty ‘, Municipality of Tivat, with the help of donors did the reconstruction of the park.

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