Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Cruise ships Delfin, Bar

Keep your best memories from this year’s summer vacation is just from our most attractive, full-day boat cruises along the coast of Montenegro, Bar- Budve.Brodovi Delfin, you provide a unique opportunity to get to know this popular excursion every detail of the Montenegrin primorja.U morning, dolphin sail from the marina and take your guests to the beaches in Bar Sušanj Sutomoru and Čanju.Već at the beginning of the cruise, guests will have the opportunity to hear the details, and details of the attractions, which can be seen from the sea, like a fortress Haj Negligence, Cape Ratac et al. after Čanje, cruise pass by the Queen’s beach, which, in the opinion of the majority, the pearl of Montenegrin jadrana.Daljim cruise to Petrovac, a place where we make the first, 1h break, you have the opportunity to meet Buljarica beach and harbor, the island Katic and Sv.Nedelja. further navigation to Budva, you will hear another host of attractions, such as the historical story of the rock jump girl, and you will see the coast and other beaches, such as Miločer, Rafailovići, Bečići.Oko noon we arrive to Budva, one of the most popular tourist sites of Gore.Pri return Budva, a break of 1 hour to make the Queen’s beach, where you will have the opportunity to see themselves on being unique and to enjoy its blue- blue zalivu.Time and slowly coming to the end of the cruise and sail around 18h at the beach Sutomore and Bar. do us the honor and be guests Delfina, the most beautiful places of entertainment on the high seas !

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