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DAKRISO rent a car is a young branch of the company that holds up to 1989. DAKRISO rent a car with your team is available to customers 24 hours. The goal of our agency is to provide fast, high quality and favorable conditions of rental, in order to better the way met the requirements of their clients. DAKRISO rent a car have new cars, which guarantee high comfort and above all safety of passengers. At the same time our cars have extremely low fuel consumption. DAKRISO obezbijeduje rent a car delivery and pick up, free of charge, at the distance of our agency Kotor to 100 km distance. Our agency has a client if necessary accessories for babies, which is also not payable service. regular clients and business partners ( hotels, travel agencies, etc. ) discount of 10 %. DAKRISO car rental agency is a reliable partner for the realization of long-term business arrangements, which speaks very fact that the company has been operating for 18 years. Come to us, we wait for you ! Hiring a car with driver. Delivery or pick up cash payment in advance by electronic means ( Visa, Master, etc.). shall be encoded cards to a certain amount. Corporates can pay in advance through the account vehicle can provide drivers with at least 20 years of age minimum rental period is 24 hours. Prices are in euros including VAT. Mileage is unlimited. Price includes compulsory insurance against liability for damage caused to a third party. The price does not include the daily allowance for risk insurance and insurance against theft, which can be used according to the list of tariffs insurance company. contracted daily allowance for risk insurance ( A) reduces the responsibility of the parties for damages comprehensive insurance does not cover the damage values ​​of less than 200 euros, damage caused under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants, driving without a valid driving license or and when the vehicle there was more people than the number registered seat. Client shall notwithstanding the additional hull indemnify Dakris – in. In the case of traffic accidents, vehicle breakdowns, the user is required in addition to the vehicles wait for a MUP employee make a report on the damage and the wait staff Dakris – a to enter the vehicle. If the user fails any of the above actions and thereby cause harm Dakris – in, she is obliged to reimburse the full amount, together with the loss of profit. additional auto insurance does not cover damage to tires, and the vehicle from the table below and minor scratches on the vehicle, which need polishing, as well as lost keys, documents, vehicles, tools and equipment for first aid, the user is required to fully to pay. In case of lost keys or documents a user is required to pay the sum of 2,000 € fuel paid by the user, unless the return the same amount of fuel that is taken if the customer does not return the same amount of fuel, as is calculated by predenoj mileage, and 0.15Q per kilometer, what Dakris reserves the right to increase the price, depending on fuel prices at the gas pump delay in returning the vehicle additionally charged for each hour of delay in the amount of 1/4 of the daily rental Dakris reserves the right to change prices daily hire all mutual rights and obligations are governed by the rental agreement that is signed when undertaking duties.

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