Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Dan Boka Navy, Kotor

I’m with Dan Navy June 26, at 20.00 hours, forming the main unit of Boka Navy, in front of poorstva and Bokelsjke Navy, Vice-Admiral submitting raporta drop. Ilija Radovic. Squad goes to the Municipality of Kotor, where the Grafonačelnice receiving state flag, visiting the city over Tabačina comes ispre the main gate, where shall report to Admiral, Dr. Milos Mioševiću, and fired a volley as a greeting. Admiral of the Mayor receives the keys to the city ( the symbolism of the Middle voijeka ) unit to enter the city, and in front gradskogvsata sailors will play the traditional circuit. The entire program is accompanied by music city of Kotor. Sailors and guests continued the celebration at the House of sailors and Boka Navy .

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