Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Dančulovina, Prevlaka

Dančulovina fortified residential complex is situated close to the coatings, the bay on its southeast side. Dančulovina it was named after Dančulu who lived in the hills about half of the sixteenth century. Rebuilt in Kotor Bishop Marko Grgurina (1801-1815), from in 1815. Had belonged to the family Beskuca, a late nineteenth century family Radoničić of Goodness. Dančulovina consists of a three-story tower gabled roof, arched ground-floor building with a flat terrace of her apartment building with two floors and a characteristic viđenicom and paved courtyard that unites these areas. the development of this complex is proceeded by the the original free-standing tower in the next stage of the built -storey building elongated base. Only in the third phase of construction was created residential building overbuilding over the northern part of the existing single-storey building. At the same time formed the inner courtyard embedded in a rectangular base walled complex. very position independent defense towers near the monastery Sv. Michael Prevlaka could point to its original connection with the monastery. In support of this hypothesis, in addition to the characteristic location of the tower that resembles the position Pirga nearby medieval monastery, mostly Romanesque style and features an entrance portal -storey building of the second stage of construction, and the recorded testimony of a fresco with the image of Emperor Dusan, who was in the tower there until the end nineteenth century. Only in the latter stages of construction and after closure of the monastery life in Prevlaka, during the sixteenth or seventeenth century could occur established residential units with developed facilities within the closed space of ground, paved area with vaulted cistern and ovens for baking bread, spacious terraces with views of the sea and the building built in the spirit of traditional residential architecture .

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