Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Endowment Duković, Herceg Novi

Endowment Alexander Duković located in the southeastern part of the Warm move called Dukovina, which was a large estate kojeje belonged to a distinguished naval and merchant family Duković. House in which the Foundation Duković emerged in the second half of the nineteenth century, 1888. years. The house belonged to Velimir Lombardic and his wife Eliza, born Duković. Families Duković and Lombardić, which are among the oldest and most prestigious in Herceg Novi and were related to Trieste, played a significant role in the liberation wars against the Turks in the nineteenth century. Velimir Lombardić a significant finansjskim means helping rebels in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and supported the idea of unification of the South Slavs. Velimir and Eliza Lombardić after settling in Trieste part of life spent in a house in Herceg Novi. After the death of Velimir Lombardic, 1907., His wife Eliza inherited the house and testament in Florence founded the Foundation, giving it the name of his late father, Alexander Duković. For the purpose of training young talents from Herceg Novi Eliza Lombardić Foundation leaves his entire estate, including 4 homes in Toploj the gardens of 45.000 m2, as well as co-ownership in the two parts of the old palace Duković in Trieste. Endowment Duković in Herceg Novi today there’s only one part of the house and property. Other houses were located on the property were demolished and in their place built residential buildings. Foundation Duković is a representative example of profane architecture of the nineteenth century Kubica simple form, with the ground floor, two floors and a hipped roof. The house is plastered with a prominent corner pilasters and horizontal cordon cornices. The house is a paved courtyard with palm trees, and the last part of the plot are the remains of a large estate – terraced gardens with stone retaining wall, with trees and greenery.

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