Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – great beach (velika plaža), Ulcinj

It is a natural phenomenon. just five kilometers from Ulcinj Velika beach is about 13 km, with an average width of about 60 m. Due to the fine sand size, called the Copacabana of Ulcinj. stretches from Djerane Cape to Ada Bojana. covered with the finest sand, and it is estimated to accommodate approximately 150,000 customers. quality of the sand is such that he is credited with medicinal properties – rich in minerals, beneficial effect on the treatment of rheumatism and other ailments. the Great Beach is distinctive for a long shallow belt of sea water. its hinterland, and next to it, in the green subtropical, Mediterranean and ornamental plants, located about 100 meters from the sea, there is a hotel complex with tennis courts, soccer, basketball, volleyball, handball, etc.. Below cape Djerane, against which there is an underwater rock of the same name, at the beginning of the Long Beach, the marina Port Milena. Marina is deep into the land where he built numerous sheds water chasing fish ( in the traditional way ), which the locals call Kalimera. On the beach you can rent various sports equipment. You can sail, surf, water ski, play basketball or volleyball.

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