Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Grgurevina, Tivat

On the southeast side approach Prevlaka peninsula, on the outskirts of the bay dominated by the graceful silhouette fortified complex Dančulovina, there is a housing unit known as Grgurevina. According to sources, it was built on the ruins of the church of Sv. Salvation, and was owned by Prince Ivanovic, and eventually the family Marinovića and MARIČEVIĆ, today Kovacevic and Ivosevic. With a two-story tower kavadratne bases added in a residential building on one floor, the same width as the tower. On the first floor of the building came to an external staircase later covered the interior of the building with one floor built on the north side, then in the third stage of construction when the whole rounded and formed the spirit of established residential and economic buildings on the estates of wealthy families along the coast of the Bay of Tivat. As for the tower in Dančulovina might assume that the tower in Grgurevini originally belonged to the monastery of St. defense system. Michael Prevlaka. On this assumption, suggesting its location near the entrance to the monastic environment and antiquity shape adaptations during several stages of construction.

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