Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Herceg Novi April Theater Festival – HAPS, Herceg Novi

Hercegnovsko Theatre proudly presents the Herceg Novi April Theater ceremony, HAPS – an event that was founded with the desire to be in Herceg – Novi strengthen traditions of culture and art. Every year, starting in 1996. During the period from the 15th to the 30th of April Hercegnovsko theater has hosted numerous theatrical institutions. HAPS was originally conceived as a meeting of amateur theaters of the former Yugoslavia, and the ceremony was implied exchange with the theaters where Hercegnovsko encountered in various theater festivals. The program was designed to be versatile, to appear on a modern form that is sufficiently interesting programs for children, teens and adults. From the beginning, the HAPS also performed notable (professional ) theater, but a complete shift in the conception – that way there ‘s 2002nd year. Need Hercegnovskog theater to professionalize their work so largely achieved through HAPS and HAPS gains in quality. The program involved now renowned professional theater ensembles and drama artists from Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegnovine, Croatia, Macedonia. Such altered concept was met with a positive response in the professional community and with the audience and influence to arrest the foundation of a significant event on the stage not only in Montenegro, but in a larger scale. April has since become the month when Hall Park full of theatrical culture that have visited many theaters and played a prominent dramatic artists. Significant segment of the HAPS and its accompanying programs in which organized numerous exhibitions, literary readings and book promotions, evening of jazz, classical music and panel discussions devoted to contemporary theatrical moment. since 2001. Department was awarded a plaque Haps Milos alone, in memory of long-time director of Herceg Novi Theatre, which was founded by the current ensemble. Get a dramatic artists who contributed to the promotion of Herceg especially the April theatrical events. Winners plaques so far are – Youth Theatre in Novi Sad ( in 2001. – Whose I am bit ), Elizabeth Sablic, Ljuba Tadic, Peter King, Predrag Ejdus Varja Djukic, Mirko Vlahovic, Pera Kvrgić ( 2009th – Exercises in Style )

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