Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Hotel Azzurro, Bijela

Villa Azzurra is located on the shore of authentic Mediterranean ambience with sopsvtenim beaches and stunning views of the Bay of Kotor. luxury, air-conditioned rooms, equipped directly through telephone lines, mini bars, satellite television, providing the opportunity for unforgettable vacations and full enjoyment. In addition to the restaurant Villa Azzurra ugodićete and his most ambitious culinary requirements, a complete relaxation, you can round up the coffee – terrace with nice music. Complete relaxation will experience and your car at the parking lot is under video surveillance 24 hours, and all accompanied by traditional Montenegrin hospitality. offer Villa Azzurra, in addition to the natural beauty and water sports – banana riding, jet skiing and speedboat ride, as well as courses windsurfing and water skiing. The complex of Villa Azzurra there are courts for basketball, volleyball and soccer, and offers a complete mosaic completes its own rent- a- car and organized tours with professional tour guides. In short – the best conditions for a perfect holiday.

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