Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Hotel Savojo Buljarica, Buljarica

We are in a small place called Buljarica, which belongs opšini Budva. Buljarca is located 15 minutes from Budva and 15 minutes from Bar. Petrovac is located only 2 km Our hotel is right on the beach in Buljarici ! Hotel Savoy is located on the coast, where there are only a dozen houses and is surrounded by beautiful nature. Family Radunović is the founder and owner of the hotel and therefore attention has been paid to every detail of the environment and facilities, in order to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Hotel Savojo has 30 rooms and 4 suites. Air, frizžder, cable TV, wireless internet, unique scenic views, as well as the smallest sound waves of the Adriatic Sea are just a few of the standard features our hotel. Each room has a balcony with a fantastic view. can choose between single, double, triple, četvororkrevetnih room, depending on your needs. parking with night watchman, restaurant, bar and private beach make every guest to feel like they are at home.

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