Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – House Lusine Vida (Building Central Commission ), Dobrota

House Lusine Vida is located in the goodness and about 3 km from Kotor. Behalf of the Central Committee received because it took place major events in late 1813th and early 1814.. At that time, before the final fall of Napoleon’s reign, while Kotor was still under the rule of the French general Gautier, the palace is Assembly held on the unification of Montenegro and Boka Bay and formed a temporary government so common. Central Commission. The head of the committee of nine and nine Montenegrin Boka chief, was the Montenegrin Bishop Petar I Petrovic. House originally belonged to the family of Ivanovic and then was acquired by Tripkovića. It was first mentioned in a list of houses Kotor area from 1809., When it belonged to Captain Vicka Ivanovic. Already 1839., The cadastral office split, leading to the name Vida Luke Tripkovića, by which it is still popularly called Vida Lusine. House in the thirties of the twentieth century, lost its roof, so it’s in ruins condition was up to in 1988., when it was restored thanks to funds shipowners Boza Dabinović. According to his wishes in the restored palace is located library Maritime Faculty Kotor. House Lusine Vida is, unlike Baroque palace, a very simple form, with a hipped roof, a ground floor and two upper floors. In front of the palace, facing the sea, there is a paved courtyard surrounded by a high stone wall where the entrance portal, and on the side of the hill located garden. With the boundary wall towards the sea is located ground floor outbuilding .

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