Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – House Verona, Tivat

Verona House is located in an area called crabs, along the coast and isolated from its neighbors. It its calm and scattered volumes, proportions and architectural vocabulary, but largely abandoned for decades, reflects the essential characteristics of the Gothic- Renaissance period in which it was made. The building belonged to Kotor noble family of the Byzantines, which, together with all the possessions of the family Byzantines in Tivat, about 1760. purchased captain Anton Andrew’s Verona from Perast. House Verona consists of three parts : a pronounced central, covered with a hipped roof and side of the lower wings of unequal length, covered with a gable roof. All parts have a ground floor and first floor. The house is built of stone in shades of gray -green color. Center- portal of the Gothic pointed arch was replaced, probably after 1760. New Baroque portal made ​​in bunjatu. The arched section of the portal was later bricked up and replaced architrave solution made using flat neprofilisanog stone block for lintel. Gothic portal of the central features of the courtyard of the building, the side facing enclosed garden, have been preserved and today without major changes. This building with large fenced garden, small mole, threshing and wells, although still a very impoverished repertoire of its original architecture, in najvjećoj measure represents the lifestyle and culture of medieval residence of noble families from Kotor who have had their property on the shores of the Bay of Tivat .

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