Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – late antique mosaic, Petrovac

In Petrovac was discovered in 1902., In an olive grove make Gregovic section well-preserved mosaic floor, and later was found near a mosaic and the tomb of the ancient money and green glass vase. Unfortunately, as is happening in many cases, money is lost, a vase thrown. According to what Gregović and other residents, including terraces were built from stone collected from the ruins of which are here encountered during earthworks. And a nearby houses were built with the same material, which indicates the number of remains of old buildings. The new floor is a mosaic decoration of a rectangular room. The remnants of its architecture are quite modest. In the words of M. Gregović in a room on the north wall there are remains of frescoes, but today one of them there is no trace. Petrovački geometric and vegetal mosaic work is solid, rutiniranih masters who in every detail carpets exhibit much knowledge muzivnog crafts. Striving for decorative and ornate and – the main feature of their work is expressed both in drawing and in color. Central motif made ​​on a white background. In all motives dominate cruciform rosettes, which are a central part consists of four concentric circles. For the dating of the mosaics of the importance of the appearance of the fragment with the triple figure fish in the same locality. She is considered by many a symbol of early Christianity. Under field conditions, it is likely that both mosaics belonging to the same general architecture, as well as from the same time period. According to the data available boldly to assume that the walls and mosaics on Mirista remains of a late antique Roman villa rustica. Certainly, there’s no sign that would indicate the existence of a larger settlement. Interesting similarity of the three fish with the later iconography ” eye ” Divine deserved to particular research .

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