Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Lepetane, Tivat

Rent rooms, 6e bed, 150m from the beach on a hill, in a quiet place to relax, close to all the major cities ( 4km Tivat, Budva 17km, 17km HN, Kotor 15km ..) two separate floors of the two rooms, kitchen and first floor kupatilo.Najam 25e / day or 4 kreveta.Obezbeđen parking, entrance to the beach is free +381645662232 +381628815927 Renting rooms, 6e for bed, 150m from the beach up hill in a peaceful place to rest, close to all major cities (Tivat 4km, 17km Budva, HN 17km, 15km Kotor .. ) two separate floors, both with two rooms, kitchen and bathrooms for 25EUR / day ( 25EUR for 4 beds ). Entrance to the beach is free, and free parking place

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