Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Local History in Herceg Novi (endowment Mirka Komnenovića), Herceg Novi

The permanent exhibition of the Regional Museum of Herceg Novi is divided into thematic sections, which together represent the rich history of this city. Foundation Mirka Komnenovića a palace built in the late eighteenth century to the late Baroque style. The palace was built by sailors from Komnenović family, ancestors Mirka Komnenovića. Appearance of the building has changed in the nineteenth century pseudobaroknim additions and extensions. On the original door on the ground floor there is a bayonet engraved names of Russian troops in 1807, the time of the Napoleonic Wars. Mirko Komnenović was born in 1870., In Herceg Novi. He graduated from the school of foreign languages ​​at the Chateau de Luceus in Switzerland. He was a member of Kotor in the National Assembly of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, the mayor of Herceg Novi and a deputy in the National Assembly of the Kingdom of Jugoslavije.Testamentom in 1940. Was Mirko Komnenović his house bequeathed to the people with the desire to be the foundation of City Museum that in her place a memorial plaque with the inscription MIRKO Olga KOMNENOVIĆ – the people, and that the income of the museum endowment management gives hercegnovskoj assist orphans without distinction of religion. Year in 1949. Founded the National Museum, later renamed the Museum of Local History Herceg Novi, which was in 1953. Opened in the house Mirka Komnenovića. Within the Regional Museum, there is a botanical garden with more than 100 selected species of Mediterranean and subtropical plants in area of ​​about 1,000 m2, which was formed in the park style. The wealth of plant material, among others, are numerous types of palm trees, agaves, cacti and aloes, then pittosporum, pines, mimosa, camellia, magnolia and medicinal Mediterranean herbs that its forms, beauty and diversity of flower colors come alive environment .

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