Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Mall of Montenegro, Podgorica

Mall of Montenegro was created in response to the needs of the city to one of its most attractive locations into a new, modern shopping and service area. Mall of Montenegro is a pioneer in the model of public-private partnerships in Montenegro, a partner in the business as the capital Podgorica as a domestic partner and Gintas Inc., Bursa – Turkey as a foreign partner. The whole project is called ‘ Green Market – Shopping Centre and was implemented in three phases: Phase 1 – the green market that manages the capital Podgorica Phase 2 – The shopping center Mall of Montenegro Phase 3 – City Hotel, 4 * Phase 2 and 3 are owned by foreign partner companies Gintas Inc.. Green Market is open to the public 02.04. 2008th The ground floor of the shopping center opened 12/12/2009. and the shopping center is fully open 23.09.2010. Opening a hotel is planned for december 2010. Mall of Montenegro has been designed to meet the needs of modern consumers of all ages. In the Mall, there are many facilities that are new on the market of Gore.Izdajamo : bowling alley with 12 lanes and billiards club with 10 tables ; playroom with supervision, food court with a variety of cuisine, hypermarkets to over 4,000 m2, fashion brands premiered in Montenegro … We will always strive to become better and more innovative by introducing new content. We hope you enjoy your time in the Mall.

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