Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Maritime Museum, Kotor

Maritime Museum of Montenegro in Kotor was made gradual development of the original collection of the Confraternity of Boka Navy , based around the 1880th year, which is from 1900. Opened to the public, in 1938. Was remodeled and opened on the first floor of the current museum building, and only after the end of World war II in the years 1949-1952. was the entire building, a Baroque palace noble family Grgurina the beginning of the eighteenth century, was completely restored and renovated for the museum. catastrophic earthquake on April 15 in 1979. was interrupted by regular Museum activities and because the building suffered significant damage, but in the years from 1982 to 1984. were conducted rehabilitation, conservation and restoration works, and Museum after the five-year period of reconstruction continued to work.

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