Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Mediterranean villa, Sutomore, Zagrađe, Sutomore , Zagradje

Embraced by mountains and the sea, dotted with pine and cypress trees is one of the most beautiful destinations on Montenegrin coast ! Zagrađe a quiet coastal town near Sutomore. It stretches from the Adriatic coast and Spičanskog fields to the slopes of the surrounding hills and mountains Haj Negligence, Velji Top and Black Rt. It starts at about 100m from the beach, which is sheltered by pine forest and ends at a height of over 500m nadomorske. The Villa is only 1500m away from the central beach Sutomore, bus and railway stations. If you choose to holiday at Villa Mediterranean ‘ll enjoy the ideal climate conditions. The villa is located in the foothills of Zagrađa, surrounded by lush Mediterranean plants and olive trees … Near the five naturally preserved beaches, distant only 300m to 500m, Maljevik, Štrbina, nude, seagulls and beach with healing mud. The largest beach, Maljevik, is the central and largest of the five aforementioned beach is about 250m from the large number of pine and cypress in its hinterland and the sea is remarkable purity. Mediterranean Villa offers accommodation in seven ¾ bed rooms with private bathroom. We also have 6 apartments with one, two or three bedrooms. Capacity of our facility has 60 beds, with the possibility of increasing to 100 beds in co-operation with the neighboring buildings. the Mediterranean Villas features a restaurant, 80m2 and garden 150m2 koej is located in the pleasant shade of the pine !

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