Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Mini Montenegro, Budva

The trip starts over Brajića to Cetinje, the old capital of Montenegro. This city, situated at the foot of the mountain peaks Lovćena, is considered a nest of freedom, because despite numerous attempts by the Turks to fit it into ashes, he managed to survive and today has witnessed his chivalrous and arduous history. Here ‘s planned visit many cultural values ​​that Montenegrins are preserved as cultural treasures of their famous ancestors, among them the fore highlights tour of the Cetinje monastery in which there is a Oktoih – a book published back in 1494 as well as numerous relics great importance : the hand of St.. John the Baptist, the Holy Cross, relics of St. Peter of Cetinje and other values ​​. We will also visit the National Museum – Palace of King Nikola in which are stored various trophies, flags, paintings and something that causes a particularly admirable, and it is a collection of weapons that are considered to be the richest in the country. the road takes us through Njeguša and Lovćena, famous Lovcen winding, to the bay. it is anticipated tour of Kotor and short coffee break, followed by a return to Budva .

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