Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Monastery Reževići, Reževići

Sizeable residence and high tower behind him give monastery in REŽEVIĆI reminiscent of the monastery complex. The monastery was built over the bay, which is called Perazićev to becoming a coach more familiar. Larger church, completed in 1814., Nave structure with the side of the choir, witnessed a return to a traditional Serbian architecture in XIII ., And its upper structure has elements of Gothic, also visible on the bell tower, completed in 1839. Reževići That is, the wave of renewal, come to terms neogotika. Great guest house is built on two occasions : Young, West, completed in 1851, its porch on the ground floor, facing the church, reminiscent of the Catholic cloisters. According to tradition, the monastery was built in the Middle Ages. Remains of small medieval church, dedicated to St. Stephen, built in the dormitory. Medieval is also the church of the Holy Dormition, nave, vaulted, with a semicircular apse at the east end. She was in the nineteenth. restored and extended to the west.

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