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* Professional mediation services in the sale, purchase, rent and lease property * Checking legal validity of ownership of the property * The preparation of proposals and contracts for the registration of ownership in the Land Register * Services transcripts property and registration in the land registry, and all the necessary services for the acquisition of the water, electricity and telephone network. * Advice on dealing with estate Verification of legal status of property ( property testing ) Property valuation * Preparation of all types of contracts * Agents in contract negotiations * Estimated judicial – legal costs * Prepare the contract for the submission of the contract to the tax authorities, and notary verification Advice in obtaining housing loans * Inspection of property in Montenegro – home territory Information by e- mail Advertising in all relevant journals, as well as on our website * We organize for you renovating and moving your documents * We’re working to build * Establishment company About us during 2006, the Slovenian – Montenegrin friendly relations came up with the idea of founding a real estate agency, which would first cover the entire north. idea is slowly maturing, and thanks to great achievement, matured a year later. fruit and ideas Monte Real Estate LLC, a real estate in Slovenian – Montenegrin private property. connect Slovenian experience and Montenegrin beauty, with particular attention to compliance with the law. Each property in our possession was previously tested in the cadastre, the necessary paperwork will be provided for that area expert lawyer, who works for us. Berane 1 Zemsljte is located on the fourth kilometer of Berana to Andrijevica on the road. Size: 8865.00 m2. Podgorica 1 Lux furnished four beds (2 + 2 ) apartment in Igalu. apartment is located across the street from Tito’s villa near the Institute Simo Milosevic, about 6 minutes walk from the beach. Structure : entrance hall, separate bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, kitchen, living room and large terrace overlooking the sea. apartments are furnished extra shower cabin with hydro, air conditioning, TV, pool on the roof and wall tanks 5000l of water, so that it can not disappear. Parking ensured. 2 larger two bedroom apartment is luxuriously furnished and located in an excellent location close to the hotel : bs. comprises living room, kitchen, two bedrooms, bathroom and a big terrace, 2 air conditioners one in the bedroom one in the living room and satellite TV. The apartment is new, almost unused furniture. Size: 73 m2. 3 exclusive island in Lake Skadar suitable for a tourist center or another. very attractive location. Size: 800,000 m2.

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