Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Oasis Suzuki Rent- a- car, Kotor

Oasis Ltd. Kotor is engaged in service sales activity. offer rent- a -car have only new cars Suzuki. vehicles are equipped with the most modern equipment, comfort the comfortable and safe driving. Oasis rent- a- car deliver and pick up free of charge at a distance of up to 50km distance from our headquarters in Kotor. For regular clients and our partners over 4 days a rented car we give 1 day free. With the trust and professional relationship with the company Prokom from Podgorica, we are authorized dealer of cars and motorcycles Suzuki to coast. own salon showroom in Kotor – Goodness. quality ensures the support of the Manufacturer in accordance with our dealer contract. In cooperation with banks, our customers can purchase any goods on credit or leasing. Price per day in EUR 1-3 days 4-7 days 8-15 days RENAULT SCENIC 1.2 GL 35 30 25 RENAULT SCENIC 1.2 car. 40 35 30 Suzuki Swift 1.2 GLX A / C 45 40 35 SUZUKI SWIFT 1.3 GLX A / C 45 40 35 SUZUKI SX4 1.5 GC A / C 50 45 40

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