Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Our Lady of Mercy, Tivat

At least an island in the Bay of Tivat, located between the coast and the island of St. Krtoli. Marko ( Stradioti ). Diameter of the island is barely 200m, half of which occupies a complex of monastery dedicated to the Virgin Mary – Our Lady of Mercy. Reliably know when it was built on the island ‘s earliest religious buildings. Archival sources mentioned in the island monks Celestina only since the 15th century, Bunk soon left to Franciscan monastery. The Franciscans held the monastery until the late 19th century, when the island became the residence of the Bishop of Kotor. Today the monastery is in the possession of the Jesuit order. Monastery church was rebuilt in 1900. Merit Kotor bishop Ućeliniija – Tice. The nave church built material from older objkekata and several fragments from other sites, most likely a nearby coatings. Particularly interesting and worth a wooden statue of the Virgin Mary – the Blessed Lady of the Island, which is believed to be miraculous, a statue could be from the 15th century. Please respect the tranquility of the island and the people who inhabit it permanently .

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