Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Palace Balovic, Perast

Balovic is located in the eastern part of Perast, in the area called Luka. In front of the palace is boljun, ie. source of fresh water Bizetina – terrace with a round arch above sources – which previously belonged to the palace. The palace was built in the mid eighteenth century. Balović, who belonged casada dentals, were engaged in seafaring, either in the navy or private maritime trade. One of the most important representatives of the family of Julia Balović (1672-1727 ), which is twice served as a judge in the municipal service. He pointed to the duties of captain Perast warrant the Venetian flagship, for which he acquired a public written acknowledgment. He is also known by the literary- historical activity, which emphasizes its Perast Chronicle, which began in late 1714., In which the chronological order, the events in the history of Perast. One part of this manuscript is in the parish archives in Perast, and the other is in the Scientific Library in Split. Julius Balović the 1693rd written and marine manual Pratiche scrivanesche. Intensively engaged in collecting folk songs and occupies an important place among predvukovskim collector of folk songs. Balovic typical baroque palace of the eighteenth century – a simple, but harmonious and monumental, with the ground floor, two floors and a belvedere. On the ground floor there is a portal into bunjatu with two baroque elliptical windows on the first floor of a large portal with a stone balustrade in the lower part. The restoration in 1981., When the building was converted into apartments, the interior has been preserved with the original layout of the rooms, four bedrooms and a lounge. In the palace were in a very wealthy family archive and library, which have been around in 1933., And after World War II, taken from Perast. In this palace was vacationing Njegosh 1846., And there he wrote the song Paris and Helen or Night of the more expensive life.

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