Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Palace Beskuca, Prčanj

Beskuca Palace is located in the center of Perast, below the Virgin church. It was built in the late eighteenth century, when the family was very wealthy Beskuca. Family Beskuca experienced a rise in a very short period of time. The first representative of the family comes from the Prčanj Strp around 1660., To have his heirs received the title of Venice getting it. Logged story is that the host, when he received the title of Conte ordered to be thrown from the windows of the palace on the road ducats, as a sign of joy. Homeless are in Kotor had a palace in which the Austrian government Boc located district and county courts. Beskuca Palace is a typical example of Boka baroque palace. Castle has a ground floor and two on the last floor belvedere, and was built of finely carved stone Korcula. On the ground floor there is a large portal and two small windows with karatkerističnom baroque molding. Below left of the window are two coats of arms in the form of relief. On the first floor is a balcony with a stone balustrade, which carry three molded panels. On the balcony out two portals, with arched overlights decorated with metal mesh. At Belvedere is situated baroque ornaments – molded volute. All openings have stone sills with a landmark baroque molding. In the second half of the nineteenth century, the palace was the meeting place of the distinguished guests who are homeless have to do. The palace was in 1844. Was one of his summer vacations spent in Prčanj Bishop Huxley. The palace was visited by the Austrian Archduke. When in 1878. Stayed in the Bay of international fleet, which ensured that Turkey cede Bar and Ulcinj Montenegro brothers Beskuca in the palace held and commanders of ships of various nationalities gala dinners, games and nightly entertainment. Beskuca Palace is one of the rare palace which is located adjacent to the coast, which has preserved the authentic and direct contact with the sea. Put that in the early twentieth century, during the Austro-Hungarian rule, established along the coast of the Gulf, and ran the connection of most houses in Dobrota, Perast and fucking with the sea, he passed behind the palate Beskuca. As a result, today in her case we can see what it looked like most of the palace with direct access to the sea, with a paved front yards, Ponte MANDRAČ .

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