Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Palace Bronze, Perast

The palace is situated in the eastern part of Perast, in an area called Port, along the coast. It was built in the mid- eighteenth century. In the nineteenth century, during their rule, served as a customs office (hence the name of the people Dogana ), and today it is the Parish Office. Family Bronza settled in Shkodra, and belonged to the casada (brotherhood ) silopi. They were excellent sailors and traders. Their first ship Santa Maria di Scarpello mentioned in the archival records more 1591st year. Captain John and Joseph bronze artifacts are to successfully combat the pirates get the Venetian decoration Kavalijera ( knights ) Sv. Mark. Palace The bronze typical baroque palace, the ground floor and third floor of a belvedere. Belvedere has a characteristic of Baroque volute. On the main facade is emphasized by the vertical mean of the portal in bunjatu on the ground floor, the balcony on the first floor of marble reliefs Annunciation to Belvedere over which is a stone ball. The windows have a typical baroque molding. On the ground floor are two baroque elliptical windows. The palace also contains loopholes. The portal on the ground floor is a coat of arms casada silopi. The coat of arms was featured bird on the tree, located on a hilltop. In this palace preserved the original layout. Inside the palace all door sills from Korcula stone were richly ornamented. The ceiling has molded timber framing – mounts .

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