Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Palace Dabinović – Rooster Tower , Dobrota

Dabinović Palace, also known as Rooster Tower, built in the mid- eighteenth century, and is one of the most beautiful baroque palaces in goodness. Family Dabinović is one of the most important Dobrota family. Written information from the sixteenth century show that the family then lived in Ljuta, early seventeenth century, owned an estate in goodness, and at the beginning of the eighteenth century has huge capital. Family Dabinović, along with Ivanovic and Tripkovića, gave a loan to purchase the Montenegrin Bishop Danilo Petrovic when he was captured by the Turks. The family has also lent a Russian admiral Senjavinu, during the stay of the Russian fleet in the Bay in 1806. Was. Duro Dabinović ( 1661-1731 ) was nicknamed Rooster. He and his sons are mentioned as traders from the Rooster of the tower. It is assumed that the Duro built this palace at the time of its greatest activity. The 1717th Dobrotski sailors were given for Goodness maritime law municipalities. Duro was one of the most active advocate for the privilege. In Kokotovoj tower is a Montenegrin hero Nikac of Rovinj ( Tomanović ) healed wounds sustained in battle with the Turks. Project palace Dabinović is probably done some architect from Venice, with whom goodness was political, commercial and artistic connections. It is known only to the palace in the Bay there was a wooden model- a model that has not been saved. Palace was built along the coast, where later, in the early twentieth century, the time passed, and no garden. Ponta and mandrać previously belonged to the palace. Garden was on its side and stretched to form a terrace behind the palace. Palace was built of finely carved stone, and has a ground floor and a third floor belvedere, the baroque -shaped end. In the central part of the first floor there is a balcony with a stone balustrade baroque. The interior layout is ternary. The staircase is located in the middle section. Upstairs, the front side, there is a representative central lounge, a lateral four rooms. Palace was badly damaged in the 1979 earthquake. Was, and today it is still in ruins. Although its dimensions Rooster Tower is much smaller compared to other Baroque palaces in the Gulf, it is one of the most beautiful, and it can be assumed that it served as a model for the later Baroque palaces .

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