Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Palace Florio-Luković, Prčanj

Palace Florio – bulbs are located in the central part of Perast. It was built in the eighteenth century. Palace belonged to the famous Bay of Kotor noble family Florio from Perast, but after the disappearance of the family took possession of the account Lukovića. The main facade, which is dominated by a baroque balcony on the first floor, facing the the sea. The building is entered through a portal and profiled through the steps of Korcula stone. On the first floor lounge, which is located at the beginning of the nineteenth century, edited by Don Marco Florio, Prcanj pastor, in accordance with then prevailing empire taste. The ceiling was decorated with gilded stucco shallow relief, which are depicted in the middle of the Florio family coat of arms ( two lilies in the top field, and two on the bottom ), while around the leaves and flowers. The floor was tiled Venetian ceramics, painted with geometric shapes and flowers. The most beautiful ornament in the parlor were two large paintings on canvas (2.0 x 1.50 m ) which show two rare Old Testament scene : Covenant and Sacrifice Israelite judges Jeftea, the Venetian painter Francesco Potenza, who has worked in the Bay at the end of the eighteenth and early nineteenth century. in addition to the antique furniture, the palace is guarded by a large collection of weapons, numismatic, ethnological objects from the Bay and several valuable paintings. The palace was in a collection of items from The Battle ( naval battle near the island of Vis -20. 07th in 1866. Wherein clashed Navy Habsburg Monarchy and the Kingdom of Italy for supremacy on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, a victory of the Austrian fleet ), who belonged to Rear Admiral Mark Eugene Florio : officer’s belt that he wore on the day of battle, gun, painting the ship commanded by ( Corvette Archduke Friedrich ) and paintings of other warships that took part in the battle. to the palace in the garden at the end of the eighteenth century erected family chapel of Our Lady of the Angels .

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