Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Palace Grgurina, Kotor

Grgurina Palace is located on the square in Kotor, which occupies the central part of the urban core. Family Grgurina in the second half of the 17th century moved to Kotor from Koper (Istria ). Dealing with seafaring and trade, Grgurina gained considerable wealth and soon were aggregated in Kotor patricians. Palace at the beginning of the 18th century built conte Marko Grgurina. Building is a typical example of the mature Baroque – symmetrical main facade, with an emphasis on the vertical axis, which is dominated by balconies, molded portals and main entrance. It was built beautifully carved stone blocks of Korcula. Brackets, balusters, molded lintels and other elements are treated as construction materials transported for the Korcula. Interior layout, especially on the first floor ( piano nobile ” ”), is typical of the baroque palace in the Bay. Around a large grand salon in the center deployed four rooms. Large stone terrace with loggia and walled garden with horticulture supplemented the Baroque spatial impression. The terrace was built large family coat of arms with leather (Italian Capra ), symbol of the city of Koper, in memory of family background .

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