Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Palace Ivanovic at the site Marovic, Dobrota

The palace is located at the end of Goodness, north of the church of Sv. Eustahija. It was built in the second half of the eighteenth century. The list of the goodness of your house in 1808. Was in the palace owned by Luke Ivanovic and was estimated at 6,400 forints. Brotherhood Ivanovic was one of the economically strongest fraternities in goodness. At the beginning of the nineteenth century Ivanovići have 11 houses in Dobrota, estimated at 23.14 forints, while the most numerous fraternity Radimir has 24 houses at a lower value – 21,738 forints. During the eighteenth century Ivanovići own 28 ships which are traded in the Italian and Albanian ports. The Venetian- Turkish War (1714-1718) Ivanovic with his ships took part in the attempt the conquest of Ulcinj, which received praise from the general governor Alviz Mocenigo. Greatest achievement of our people at sea in the eighteenth century, the struggle brothers Mark and Jozo Ivanovic with the Turks in the port of Piraeus in 1756. was. After the battle, Ivanovic received a knighthood. In this palace the Count Joseph ( Jozo ) Ivanovic 1833. Hosted Njegosa, with an escort of 30 people during his trip to St. Petersburg. In gratitude Njegosh Ivanovic dedicated poem The Voice Kamenštaka and wrote the song Serb Serbs in parts thanks. Palace Ivanovic typical baroque palace with three floors and a belvedere or viđenicom. Raised and disbursed in relation to the coast, with a fenced yard and raised. The boundary wall is a portal with the coat of arms of the family, and the inside of the utility room. This palace compared to the other palace Ivanovic has a quieter statement and solution. Belvedere has completed the classic roofline. The central axis of the palace is emphasized portals and balconies on the first and second floors, which have wrought iron balustrade, and the elliptical window in viđenici. All openings in the facade of a simple baroque molding.

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