Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Palace Ivanovic, Dobrota

Ivanovic Palace is located south of the church Sv. Eustahija in goodness. It was built in the eighteenth century. The palace belonged to the Ivanovic family, and today is owned by the Catholic Church. In a document with a list of houses in 1808. Was in the palace owned by Mata Ivanovic and brothers and was valued at 6400 florins. In 1909. Josip Stadler, Sarajevo Bishop bought a house in Dobrota wishing to children from an orphanage in Sarajevo that spend the summer. During World War II the house was damaged. After the war, Kotor Grace Bishop Monsignor Ivanovic encouraged the arrival of the nuns, who were staying at the monastery Sv. Anthony Perast, and are in 1954. Passed into goodness. Nuns are the procured funds for the reconstruction of the palace. Repair of the palace began in 1955, and the building was occupied in 1957. Earthquake in 1979. Was again damaged the palace, which was re- occupied after the restoration in 1989. Palace Ivanovic typical baroque palace with three floors and vidionicom – Belvedere, raised and withdrawn in relation to the coast, with a fenced yard and raised. The courtyard is entered through a molded stone portal that includes the family coat of arms carved Ivanovic. Do yard raised on a terrace can be reached by stone stairs. Terraces with different kinds of plants. With the boundary wall towards the sea, below the terrace there is an extra room. Facade of the palace is made of finely carved stone. Belvedere has a specific baroque roof line. On the second floor, centrally placed, there is a large balcony resting on five profiled console. All openings on the façade are Baroque molding. Above the portal on the first and second floor is decorated with the profile in the form of stylized acanthus leaves.

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