Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Palace Ivelić, Risan

Ivelić Palace is located in the central area of Risan, on the eastern side of the main street Gabela. The palace was built in the eighteenth century and belonged to the Ivelić. One of the most important representatives of the family, Count Marko Ivelić ( 1740-1825 ). Year in 1770. Entered the service of the Russian Admiral, Count Alexei F. Orlova. The Russian government entrusted him with a mission to the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro and Herzegovina raise a rebellion against the Turks during the Russo – Turkish War. He was promoted to the rank of lajtanta Russian army. 1800. He helped the squadron of Russian generals DM Senjavina on busy Bay of Kotor 21 02 1806.. From the Russian adviser Stephen Sankovska, attended the meeting with Bishop Petar I Petrovic Njegos in Savina monastery. Year in 1814. Produced a member of the Council of State Senator. Palace has a ground floor with cellars, first floor representative piano nobile, the second floor for living and a loft with two viđenice that served as a kitchen. The main facade is made of finely carved blocks, while others performed less accurate and less windows. It was built in two phases. The first was built in the central part of which is dominated by a baroque balcony with two doors on the first floor. The two side wings and external stairs were subsequently added at the same time they built a defense system around the building. The courtyard is square and surrounded by a wall 3 m high. On the wall of the tower there are two circular base with a gate to the street and the courtyard. Among them was a wooden walkway. The courtyard was paved with stone slabs. Late eighteenth and early nineteenth century palace Ivelić served as a collection point for Trebješane and other Montenegrins who fled to Russia .

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