Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Palace Lukovic, Prčanj

Palace Lukovic part of one of the most important units in Prčanj, known as street Lukovića. Palace belonged to a distinguished family Lukovic from Perast. The family chapel Bulbs – Our Lady of Carmel, whose entrance is the coat of arms of the family, is close to the palace. It then continues a series of eleven baroque town houses with characteristic balconies, which belonged to the fraternity Lukovića. Prčanj to preserve the tradition of the great wealth of the family Lukovic, the slagalištima gold coins, on a variety of silverware and candelabra, which are on the day of glory family church, Our Lady of Carmen, decorating a balcony and all windows. palace complex Lukovic was created by linking into a single unit two buildings, one dating from the eighteenth century and the other in mid- eighteenth century. At the beginning of the twentieth century was still preserved inside the palace with the original layout, process design and furniture. In the middle of the twentieth century palace Lukovic turned into a school, which led to changes in its authentic look, and after the earthquake in 1979. Was the palace remained without function. The palace was entered imposing staircase of Korcula stone hallway was decorated with paintings and gilded stucco decoration on the ceiling. On the first floor of the palace there was a representative salon, which no longer exists, but of which he remained a record. Interior decoration Interior performed in the mid- eighteenth century Swiss Carlo de Nedrocis, which is an inscription on the lintel of the Interior. On the walls of the salon, which were green and decorated with white stucco decorations, there were paintings and Venetian mirrors in gilded wood carving. The ceiling was specially decorated with baroque motifs stucco – decorations, and plays an angel and a basket of flowers and fruit. In the middle of the ceiling was a large bas-relief on which are shown the ancient deity associated with the sea and sailing : Poseidon, Artemis, Galatea, Tritons and Dolphins. Under the salon was paved with red and yellow tiles of baked clay – Tavel. Above the door of the salon is located initials AL and JL, Andrew and Jozo Lukovića, in whose time is furnished salon, as well as other works on the complex palate. Salon bulbs are readily visited the Venetian from Kotor, and it was in 1797. the fun night was arranged in honor of the Austrian governor of the Bay, Baron Thomas Brady. During the siege of Kotor in 1814. Lukovic in the palace had its own flat English naval Lieutenant ( Commodore ) host, the commander of allied forces in the Bay against the French.

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