Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Palace Milosevic, Dobrota

Milosevic Palace is located near the pier Goodness, on the south side of the church Sv. Matthias. The largest and youngest palace in Dobrota, built in the first quarter of the nineteenth century. Miloševići were twelfth families goodness for wealth, the number of sailors and sea captains who were given. Towards the end of the eighteenth century possessed seven ships and six modest house in Dobrota, in the nineteenth century, nine ships. The palace was built by 1828. Brothers Božan ( Natale ) and Vido Milosevic, sea captains and ship owners. Milosevic Palace, one of the largest palaces in the Bay, was the last witness of the great economic and cultural era Bokokotorskog Sea, just like a sailboat, Restless last Boka sailboat, also owned by the family. Although modeled after the typical baroque palace with belvedere and contains certain late-baroque elements, the palace Milosevic still has a classical character. The palace is located along the shore, pulled the old building and a ground floor, two floors and a wide belvedere as the fourth floor. It was built on a hill, with a courtyard to the coast, which is on two levels and surrounded by a stone wall. The wall surrounding the two entry portals, monogrammed builder NM and VM. As was built for the two owners, the palace Milosevic is detached, ie. is functionally divided into two equal and symmetrical sections. The yard is divided into two parts, the palace has two entry portals, and two pergula ( small balcony ) with metal balustrades on the second floor. On the upper floors there are two lounges with access to symmetrical rooms. Stairs are in the far wings. The palace was built of finely carved stone. The only Dobrota has two representative facade to the main bay of Korcula stone and the other towards the hill. On the southeast corner of the palace is one of the few surviving corner tower – loophole on stone consoles. The spacious cellar and large rooms with very high ceilings preserve the original look.

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