Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Palace Radoničić, Dobrota

Radoničić Palace is situated on a peninsula Plagenti, 1.5 km from Kotor. It was built in the early nineteenth century. With Radoničić palace at the end of the Peninsula, is the Romanesque church of Sv. Elijah. It’s a small one-nave structure covered with stone slabs, which are dated to the thirteenth century, although it is not excluded that date from the period preromaničkog X -XI centuries. Church of Sv. Elijah, along with Plagenti Peninsula, belonged to the municipality of Kotor. Family Radoničić bought the whole peninsula by the municipality in 1808., During the French rule for 500 thalers. The palace was in 1847. Stayed Huxley at his friend, Captain Cross Jozovog Radoničić, who built a palace and. Palace has a characteristic baroque conception of the ground floor, two floors and the last floors in the form of a belvedere. On the second floor of the north façade there is a balcony with a stone balustrade. Year in 1937. Palace was bought by Adriatic Guard for their needs. Then, during the conversion, the main northern façade of the ground floor level, raised terrace on the 16 pillars of the facade completely cut and changed the layout of a typical Boka palate. After World War II, the palace served as the home of Naval High School Kotor, and today it houses the Institute of Marine Biology .

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