Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Palace Radoničić – Milosevic, Dobrota

Radoničić were captain’s family who built several representative buildings in the area Goodness. In the maritime development of Goodness were a very important economic brotherhood, which is the end of the eighteenth century possessed ten ships, twelve houses, one of which is the palace in 1808. was estimated to be a significant amount of 3 000 florins. The palace was probably built it Captain Bozo Elijah Radoničić ( 1758-1822 ). Palace is rectangular, elongated and has a ground floor, two floors and a fourth floor mounted central belvedere. What sets this apart from other palace baroque palace with Belvedere in the Bay is a specific line of the roof, which formed three viđenice – one set to the Belvedere and two side. Palace was built of stone, but through later covered with plaster. All openings on the facades of Prague with a modest conventional molding lintels. The palace is functionally podijeljenja into two parts, so there are two entry portals. The interior layout is changing owners and alterations changed, and only in the southern part of the building preserved authentic wine cellar and painted on the salon floor. In front of the palace there is a paved courtyard and garden, which are coastal road separated by a high stone wall.

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