Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Palace Smekja, Perast

Smekja is located in the center, the waterfront, next to the church of Sv. Mark. Smekja family that belonged casada Čizmai, as sailors are being met very early in the second half of the sixteenth century. Peter Smekja brought his family to the economic boom after the famous commercial enterprise, when the ship Leon Coronato and the Baltic countries with Venice in 1746.. Already 1748th becomes Conte and in 1779. Families merged Kotor nobility. Palace consists of two parts – the older one, built in 1764., Which is located between the coast and the old road and the younger portion of which began in 1764., and completed 30 – ies of XX century. These two parts are connected by a vaulted passage over old times. A year of building inscription over the entrance to the upper part of the palace. Smekja the largest palace in Perast. It was built entirely of stone Korcula. The palace has a ground floor, two floors and a belvedere. Into a new first floor has a spacious terrace, the entire length of the facade, and the second and third floors have balconies with balustrades. At the entrance of the palace is the emblem casada Čizmai – hand holding the stem ( jujube ) with stars that are the hallmark of the family Smekja. The new part of the palace was completed in 1936., Modeled on the existing ground floor and first floor, in the same style and the same material. In both parts of the palace in 1936. Housed the garment factory Jadran Perast.

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