Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Palace Tre Sorelle (three sisters), Prčanj

Palace Tre Sorelle ( three sisters ) is located in the southeastern part of Perast, close to the shore. Written sources palace was first mentioned in the sixteenth century, as Villa trium sororum, and the name is kept up to date. It was the summer residence of noble family Buca, whose emblem is the few places in the building. This palace unusual appearance and modest size is the oldest building in Prčanj, while the only completely preserved Gothic palaces in the Bay, outside of Kotor. It can be dated back to the fifteenth century. Palace consists of three nearly identical parts connected among themselves, but with separate roofs. Therefore, through the imaginative legends named. Two end tract are formed simultaneously. On them were the typical Gothic windows with pointed arches. These two parts were connected to a terrace with central defenders balcony, over which was later upgraded to the third part of the building. The palace was entered outside stairs to the first floor. Along the north side of a chapel dedicated to St.. Jerome. In his palace Buće stayed only occasionally, usually in the summer months. They, like many of Kotor noble families had their summer homes in Prčanj, Tivat and other places in the area of ​​Kotor. Palace is a legend of three sisters, daughters of noble families (most Buca ), in love with the same sailor. He is just one of them loved it and vowed love to the grave. It is among the sisters caused envy and jealousy. Beloved sister, feeling the pain of their sisters, decides to sacrifice his love of his heart. Suggest to them that love nesuđenoj shared sacrifice their young lives. The sisters agreed to that. He built the house with three divisions in a remote area in the magnificent countryside, where they will live until his death. When the young man learned of the decision of his chosen sailed away on a journey from which she never returned. The years passed, but the sisters did not lose hope in his back, waiting to emulate his sailboat from the window. Then came the age, and death knocked on their door. When the first sister died, the other two sisters were bricked up her window. It is no longer there was no reason to look toward the sea. After the death of the other sisters, the last sister was sealed off and its windows. However, when she died, her window was no one bricked up .

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