Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Palace Tripkovoć, Dobrota

Tripković Palace is located near the palace Ivanovic. It was built in the late eighteenth century, as one of the most impressive Baroque palace captain of Kotor. Tripković Palace was built by Captain Andrew Jozov Tripković is 1813th was one of nine Boka in the Central Committee and as president of Dobrota municipality. It is reported that he gave a loan to General Marmont in amount of 3000 gold Venetian ducats. In the eighteenth century the family Tripković has played a significant role in the development of goodness in the areas of trade, development of the merchant marine, construction and cultural development. They had 18 ships, and during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries is mentioned 86 sailors from the family of which 63 captains. Although Tripkovića had six houses, the palace is the most prominent, so that when the list of houses in 1808. Was estimated at 7000 Austrian florins as the most expensive palace in goodness. Castle was withdrawn from the shore and raised on a plateau, a stone retaining wall boundary long wall with a balustrade, which is garden of. The boundary wall is a portal with a family crest. In front of the palace there is a dock – pier with large MANDRAČ, who belonged to the palace. Behind the palace are terraced gardens. Palace was built of finely carved stone karčulanskog, a wine cellar, two first floor and fourth floors of a belvedere, the baroque gable line. At the top of Belvedere has a decoration in the form of towers. The facade is dominated balcony on the second floor, whose support brackets covered with ornaments featuring acanthus leaves. On the first floor there is a central lounge from where portals lead into the next room and the staircase. The same schedule is listed on the second floor. The back of the palace, the hill, there is an annex where the kitchen was. Interior are characterized by two-tone terracotta floors, wood beam ceilings, plaster walls with baroque decorations and a staircase with a balustrade. Palace was richly furnished with works of art, furniture, books, etc.. In the 1979 earthquake. Was the main façade of the Belvedere was completely destroyed, but has recently been reconstructed. Tripković Palace is one of the most monumental palace in Boki. The monumental contributions pedestal palaces, terrace with a balustrade baroque, baroque clear concept and richly ornamented architectural details, as well as the background of the assembly consisting of the harsh and barren Dobrota parties reach a height of 1000 m above sea level .

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