Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Palace Verona, Prčanj

Palace Verona is located within the group of houses belonging to the brotherhood of Verona, located on the Grasovo on the north side of the parish church to the fucking. The palace was built in the second half of the eighteenth century. In the eighteenth century seafaring in Prčanj reaches apogee, the ships that were owned prčanjskih family sailing throughout the Mediterranean. The families of Verona and Florio had a trading house in Corinth and Thebes, a Lukovic in Corfu. Trading House Verona was one of the economically most powerful in the Bay. The family moved to Verona in the Bay 1478. Shkodra, when the city was handed over to the Turks by the Venetian. Verona family first settled in Kotor, and later moved to Prčanj. Captain Anton Andrijin Verona is about 1760. Bought the entire estate of noble family Byzantines in Tivat, where they found their palace in the parish and today houses Verona, where there is still a family coat of arms of Byzantium. Family Verona had the Prčanj about 10 houses and a large palace built by captain Anton between Verona in 1780., and 1790.. Palace Verona was the largest palace in Prčanj, built on the model of Baroque palaces in other places in Boka. The palace has a ground floor, two floors and a belvedere on the fourth floor. It was built of finely carved stone. The second floor has a balcony with a centrally positioned Baroque balusters. The first and second floor are located at a large lounge, with four rooms on the side. Very valuable is the interior of the palace. Beauty and the rooms of the first floor were decorated with plaster stucco decoration. In the lounge is a wooden altar with Renaissance features. In the palace were located, and other valuable works of art .

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