Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Palace Viskovic, Perast

Viskovic Palace is located in an area called Luka, on the waterfront, below the old times. Viskovića complex consists of four parts: a tower ( balcony), the palace balcony and the garden of the new part of the palace. The oldest part of the palace is the tower, built around 1500., Which was one of the town’s defensive system, which to the incised inscription on the lintel of the tower – five-letter P : Parvum Propugnaculum Pro Praesidio Perasti ( small detachment to defend Perasta ). On the last floor of the tower has been preserved top. Next to the tower were added to the two-story palace with loggia and new parts. The palace has three portals, all three made ​​in bunjatu. The first site is located on the south side, facing the sea, on the courtyard wall. It’s got a luscious coat of arms in the upper part of the bream, symbol casada which VISKOVIĆ belonged, and the lower the lion – like the special character of this family. On the north side, along the old road, the main entrance to the palace. The portal is designed fish from the Viskovića and carved initials FCCV ( Francesco Conte Colonello Viscovich ). On the same side, there is a portal on the ground floor balcony, and it was engraved year 1718, and over her dog’s tooth .

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