Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Petrovac – Glassboat Stefan, Petrovac

Catamaran – GLASS BOAT Stefan – Fun on the water + glass bottom boat For those who love the sea and the underwater world of the Adriatic Sea, but also for all those who enjoy to drive this special boat who has a glass bottom. excursion includes a ride, cruise, ie. tour around the island of St. Nicholas then proceeds to Buljarice a zatm be returned to Petrovac quay. cruise and tour of the seabed takes about two hours. boat trip with a glass bottom – Enjoy discovering the wealth of the Adriatic seabed in a boat with a glass bottom with a hospitable crew that will make your trip more enjoyable. Flight ship Stefan is from the Petrovac quay, then continues to cruise the island Katic and St. Sunday, then cruise to Buljarice and returns to the dock Petrovacko. this cruise and tour the beautiful underwater world of the Adriatic Sea, this lokaltetu takes about two hours. WELCOME

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