Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Rent rooms in Sutomore with years of experience, Sutomore

For all interested guests who wish to spend the summer in Sutomoru offering accommodation and hospitality that will make your holidays memorable and potstaci wish to welcome you again ? Our years of experience and the hospitality that you and guarantee. We offer rooms with separate and shared bathroom ( shared bathroom for two or three bedrooms), depending on your desires and abilities ! Each room has a fridge where you can chill drinks, fruits, … and thus maintain the freshness and cheerful mood ! We have two large terraces with panoramic views of the sea and the beach that provides you with the ideal conditions for rest and druzenje.Na Here you can watch TV and diversified to fill free time ! you have the option of free use of the internet ( TAKEAWAY LAP TOP). Kitchens common to use ! services we offer throughout the whole year ! Anyone interested can contact and time to reach complete information !

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