Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Renting apartments 20m from the sea . Villas Jefimija and Sofia, Igalo, Herceg Novi

Issuing apartments 20m from the sea. Villas Jefimija and Sofia have a total of 69 beds. Built in Igalu in Stara Banja, near Tito’s villa. The distance from the sea 20 m, near the baths of ancient Rome, where the temperature in the shallows is 40 °. This location is a real air spa. Near the house is a well-known health resort Institute of Rheumatology, Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine. For larger groups of tourists organized boat ride from Dubrovnik, Blue Caves, mom and Žanjica. The villas have a magnificent pool. All apartments are air-conditioned, have a balcony, TV and a well equipped kitchen .

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