Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Roman mosaics, Risan

The former Marine – market town Risan is the famous Roman mosaics from the second century. Risanski Roman mosaics are the rarest of cultural monuments of its kind in Europe. As experts say, they are for their quality, technical and artistic, do not lag behind the famous mosaics of the villa of the Emperor Hadrian ( Adriana ), Roman emperor. Risanski mosaics are divided into five directorates in the villa, which is probably belonged to a Roman family in Risan. Four departments were resolved ornamental villas and one figuratively. Figural mosaics, which was probably the bedroom, was made in the finest colorful mosaic, in the middle of a statue of Hypnos, the god of sleep. It is known that the figure of the pagan god that was detected only in the former Yugoslavia, and probably the only one in the world .

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