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GENERAL INFORMATION AND CONDITIONS * All prices are in Euro inclusive of VAT. * The vehicle can be rented to a driver who is at least 22 years old and 2 years of driving experience. * The minimum rental period is 24 hours, the delay in returning the vehicle of 59 minutes is not naplćuje, and more than 60 minutes will be charged an extra day. * Payment may be made in cash, the bank account of Simply- a or credit cards accepted by Simply- a * A deposit is required – a credit card or cash in an amount determined by the Simply. * the price includes compulsory insurance against liability for damage to third parties. * Comprehensive insurance to provide immediate next right – for damage to the vehicle caused through no fault of the user, the user is completely exempt from liability. – for damage to the car caused by the user, the user is participating in the 5 % damage. – grand theft auto user accounts for 5 % of the price of a new vehicle. – if the vehicle is stolen with the original key or the original vehicle registration, or If you do not report the theft to the MUP and secure their record, the user is required to reimburse Simply in damages in the amount of 100 % of the value of a new vehicle. – car insurance does not cover the damage caused by the affect of alcohol, drugs and other drugs, as well as when the vehicle is more people than brojaregistrovanih seats. * fuel paid by the user, unless the vehicle is returned with the same amount of fuel that is assumed. If the customer returns the vehicle with less fuel than was assumed, shall reimburse the amount of fuel consumed. * damaged tire and tools are charged according to the valid price list. * for the duration of the lease, Simply bears no responsibility for any violation of the provisions of the Law on Road Traffic Safety, by the user, nor compensated for the cost of any repairs to tires, tolls, and the like. * all mutual rights and obligations are governed by the rental agreement that is signed when taking the vehicle. price for Jetta: 1-3 days = 75.00, 4-7 = 70.00 days, 7-14 days = 65.00 Price for Opel : 1-3 days = 85.00, 4-7 days = 80.00, 7-14 days = 75.00 Price Polo 1-3 days = 55.00, 4-6 = 50.00 days, 7-14 days = 45.00 Price Skoda 1-3 days = 55.00, 4-6 = 50.00 days, 7-14 days = 45.00 Visit our website at

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