Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Škanjevića mosque, Bar

Located at the entrance to starobarsku fortress, which dates from the mid-18th century. Unique minaret of carved stone, the most valuable pearl of Islamic architecture in this part of the Seacoast, was added in 1234. According to Islamic, or 1819. Gregorian calendar. He gave it to make Hasećija Ali Aga. The mosque was destroyed during the conquest of Bar in 1878., But it remains in prayer. Collapsed in an earthquake in 1906., And burned down in 1912. Was. Minar is the 2006th year restaurirarno. Special specificity minaret is the quality of architectural ornaments sheriff, and finish with 16 stone roof prisms and copper finish that tone as in a glass. Such termination of the minaret is not seen anywhere in the Balkans, and similar artistic procedures may have been found only in the Sufi tekke .

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