Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – SPRING night masquerade, Budva

SPRING night masked the national championship majorettes in the first week of May. Carnival begins Abrum – calling the carnival and the carnival in Budva, Sveti Stefan and Petrovac, and hotels. Second, third and fourth days of the carnival is planned national competition majorettes in front of the Old Town of Budva, while the fourth evening from 21h all carnival groups present their viewers. On the fifth day of the 19h big carnival parade, which has 2,500 masked participants from about 50 carnival groups from over 10 European countries. Ranges from Slovenska beach to the old town of Budva. Feast ends with a fireworks display at 22:30 h music concerts and FESTANJE the streets of the Old Town until the early morning hours. For the last day of the Carnival of 18 h, there is also an international children’s carnival with around 35 group masks.

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