Travel and Holidays – Montenegro – Studio and Duplex with sea views, Krašići, Krašići

Two apartments in Krašićima the perfect atmosphere overlooking the sea .. 1 Superbly arranged cascade studio apartment with sea view, terrace, garden, garage, relaxing interior lighting with power, a design made ​​TV set, kitchen, bar, tables … Audio & Video set, tons of movies, music, books for relaxing times … granite floor, Geberit bathroom, own water tank of 8t, 2 entrances, ceilings, double glazed … 50 +50, a total of 100m2 with sea views from every part of the apartment, located in the green with the ideal orientation. Plaza on … 10 min walk, the apartment is ideal for relaxing the mind and body … 2.Dupleks of 48m2 and 138m2 in gardens and terraces, refurbished, comfortable, ideal for 4-6 people to enjoy, Quiet … Book a desired date in time +38267207047

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